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Until a week or two ago I was on the email lists for a lot of the internet network marketing gurus. Then I fired most of them.

MLM Gurus Who Don’t Practice What They Preach

There are several things that bother about the so-called internet marketing gurus out there. One of my biggest issues with them is that many of them don’t practice what they preach. I don’t want to mention specific names, but one particular person comes to mind here. I remember when I first came across her material she taught to build your list and offer then real content once or twice a week and only send affiliate offers about once a month. Sounds like good advice except that what she actually did was send affiliate offers every week and real content about once a month.

Network Marketing Gurus Who Aren’t In Network Marketing

Another problem with many of them that claim that they will teach you how to do network marketing online is that they aren’t involved in network marketing themselves. One of my network marketing friends has gotten a bit wrapped up in the programs offered by these guys. What they teach are the tricks to sell affiliate programs, which is a very different model than network marketing.

They teach you how to get your content to the top of the search engines very quickly, but not how to stay there. That is what they need to do for affiliate marketing where the programs they are selling are available for no more than a week. They need to get found quickly for a few days then they don’t care that they drop to page 20 on the Google search results because the program isn’t available anymore anyway. That doesn’t work for network marketing where you want to be consistently at the top of the search engines for the long term.

Network Marketing Training Email Overload

Some of these network marketing gurus like to fill your email box with their affiliate offers. How many times in one day do you need to read the same offer? Or how many days in a row? Then many of them will pull the same tired marketing tricks. On the second day that their offer is open they send you all of these emails apologizing about how all of the amazing traffic they received crashed their servers. You would think after doing this every six months for 3 years that they would learn to get enough resources to support the traffic. I don’t think there are crashes in most cases. They are trying to create an artificial sense of social proof.

Then after their launch has run its course they take it off the market for a day or two before bringing it back for another day. They claim that they have received so many emails whining about people missing it the first time around, like their customers missed the slew of emails they received in the past week. They are trying to create more of the illusion of social proof and scarcity.

These are very effective marketing tactics when the social proof and scarcity are real. In these cases though, it is more like they think we are all idiots and don’t see it.

How to Be Really Effective in Internet Network Marketing

Fire the gurus and do the things that will get the job done. They haven’t changed over the years and don’t require any tricks. Create a blog site and blog regularly about the things that matter to you and your business. Provide real content that you would want to read if someone else was writing it. Work to create real relationships with people by replying to comments on your blog and leaving relevant comments on other people’s blogs.

These are the things that I have done to get my main site to rank well for my company’s product so that I can make retail sales. That is also how I have had several people talk to me about joining my team lately. When people do contact you, make sure that you follow up with them, answer their questions, and offer suggestions.

The same friend I mentioned above is all worried about his Alexa ranking, Google Page Rank, and how much traffic he gets. The amount of traffic is important but not as important as having quality traffic. I can do more with 100 hits to my site than many others can with 1000 hits because I work to attract only the traffic that will be interested in what I have to offer. My Alexa rank has taken a nose dive in the past few months but my number of new distributors, new product orders, and income have all gone up.

So, if you want to be successful in online network marketing, fire the gurus and start getting some work done.

Find out more about me and what I’m doing in internet network marketing.

Wayne Woodworth

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