I Fired the Internet Network Marketing Gurus

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Until a week or two ago I was on the email lists for a lot of the internet network marketing gurus. Then I fired most of them.
MLM Gurus Who Don’t Practice What They Preach
There are several things that bother about the so-called internet marketing gurus out there. One of my biggest issues with them is that many of them [...] Continue Reading…

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What is Your Motivation, Fear of the Past or Visions of the Future?

Are you holding yourself back from your success? I have noticed that people hold on tight to the past, especially all of the bad things that have happened. If you spend all of your time focusing on the bad things, bad things are all that you think about, then bad things are what you are going to get. The [...] Continue Reading…

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How to Pick the Best Network Marketing Company for You

I have seen a lot of stuff lately about how to pick the best network marketing company, and some of them make some very good points. So I want to summarize some of the important things to look for in a company when you decide to start your network marketing business.
A Product or Service you are Passionate About
To be successful [...] Continue Reading…

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Are You Following Up With Your Network Marketing Prospects?

You’ve probably heard before that it is important to follow-up with your prospects. The people who contact you or that you contact about your network marketing business, or the products, aren’t likely to take a lot of action after the first time that you talk. Therefore it is absolutely essential that you check back with them periodically to keep [...] Continue Reading…

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Network Marketing vs. A “Real” Job

There are a lot of people who are unemployed and looking for a job right now, so how does network marketing compare to a “real” job?
Benefits of a “Real” Job
First, what is a job? In my opinion a job is where you give up your freedom in exchange for the illusion of security. When you have a job you [...] Continue Reading…

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Why Is There A Low Network Marketing Success Rate?

I think there are two reasons why network marketing has a low success rate. One is that people aren’t taught to treat it like a real business and the other is that they are taught a very difficult way to do it.
Network Marketing Business
It is important to treat your network marketing business as a real business if you want [...] Continue Reading…

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Internet Network Marketing Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Today I want to offer you some internet network marketing tips that you can use to build your online network marketing business. I firmly believe in using a blog to build my business online. In addition to writing content that your readers want to read, you need to make it easy for readers to find you.
Where to Build Your Blog
Where [...] Continue Reading…

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Internet Based Network Marketing Success

Your success in network marketing is based on how well you can provide service to your customers, prospects, and downline. This is especially true when building a network marketing business online because you will have trouble even finding prospects unless you are offering value.

There are many ways to build a network marketing business online. Connecting on the social sites, [...] Continue Reading…

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Do You Really Know Your Network Marketing Prospect?

Most people in network marketing don’t really know who their prospect is. That really isn’t a surprise because we’re all taught the 3 Foot Rule by the network marketing companies and our upline leaders. If you think everybody is your prospect then you’re in for a lot of disappointment because most people are not interested in building a home-based [...] Continue Reading…

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A Day in the Life of a Network Marketer

I want to share what a typically day can look like for me as a network marketer so that you can see if this is something for you.

I’d like to start off by telling you that I get to sleep in as late as I want, but that’s just not true. My cat still thinks that I have a [...] Continue Reading…

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